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Starting place for new learners to get a competitive advantage in computer science and technology

Kids design and code web pages and web games with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Easy-to-teach 1-2-3 sheets for parents, teachers, schools, computer tutors, learning centers, and organizations

Kids write new code to program their own ideas and apps

Refined based on K - 5th grade elementary educator feedback

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathemeatics) for college and career readiness

Kid-narrated lesson preview make it fun for new learners to get a head start

Fun projects and activities help kids look forward to learning and builds creative confidence

Reinforces typing skills needed for standardized testing with computers


Pre-requisite to spring board for continuing tech education courses

What Educators are Saying about WebbyKids

"All of my 2nd grade students used WebbyKids. The videos were easy to follow."

— T Elmore, Instuctional Technology Specialist at Addison Elementary in Marietta, GA

"WebbyKids is a glimpse of the future. This is critical for 21st century learning."

— M. Boothe, Director of Denver Public Schools Office of School Reform and Innovation in Denver, CO

"WebbyKids can be implemented throughout the school day for advanced learning opportunities."

— C.E. Oatis, Principal at Van Assett Elementary School in Seattle, WA